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Castle Rock, Minnesota Window Installation - Greene Construction

Before you hire a Window Installation company for your Castle Rock home 

read this!

Window Installation in Castle Rock

Greene Construction has been the go-to Window Installation in Castle Rock for a very long time.  Call 651-797-3116 for service today!

Window Installation can be a complicated component of your Castle Rock home.

Few Castle Rock homeowners even consider that the most important aspect of a Window Installation performance is having it expertly done; so the job is done right on your Castle Rock Home.

That’s where Greene Construction really shines above other companies in the Castle Rock area.


However, the main difference for city homeowners is that we specialize in Window Installation; which gives us the personal skill, technical knowledge and hands-on experience to provide Castle Rock residents with the highest level of performance possible for your Window Installation.

Other services include:

  • Egress Windows
  • Window repair
  • Window remodeling

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