If you've seen any of those home improvement shows on television, you know how common it is to encounter unexpected issues once the walls come down. In the case of one North Saint Paul home, we were called in to add a double-wide egress window in a finished basement. What no one knew (not even the homeowners) was that the foundation was approximately 26" rock and mortar. The interior was already finished, so it was quite the surprise for everyone. This discovery turned a one-day job into a week-long one. Most egress installers would high-tail it out of there, but fortunately for these homeowners, they had chosen Greene Construction. Damian went to work digging out the hole, and then cleared his schedule for the next four days. Check out the pictures below to see how we did it!

26" Rock and Mortar Foundation

The finished well from the inside of the basement! No damage to the inside,

and a beautiful custom timber well that will last decades!

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