• Egress Window Installation

    Greene Construction installs over 250 egress windows each year. We work all year round (yes, even in January!) to provide our customers with the safety and peace of mind that comes with a properly-installed egress window.

    We are simply the best egress window installation company, and our ratings and reviews prove it. Do what's best for your home. Let the pros at Greene install your egress window!

    This is why we are your best choice!

    • We use cutting-edge technology along with old fashioned elbow grease to install our egress windows. 
    • Using a small excavator and shovels, we dig every hole with care to minimize the risk of damage to your home and landscaping.
    • We place the dirt on a tarp next to the well, not on your grass or landscaping.
    • Then we cut your foundation using a DUSTLESS ELECTRIC concrete saw that is attached to a very specialized Vacuum. NO DUST and NO WATER in your home. Concrete Dust is extremely fine and may leave a fine film throughout your entire home if proper procedures to contain the dust are not followed. An electric saw is also superior because there are no fumes from a gas engine lingering in your home for days.
    • Next we remove the cut wall and clean the opening with various tools to ensure it is even, square and level. 
    • We fill the concrete block with a unique expanding structural waterproof insulating foam and install the green treated framing.
    • Next, several different types of flashing membranes are installed to ensure a tight seal around the window.
    • Our preferred egress window is a vinyl casement made in Minnesota by Thermo-Tech. Casement windows have the smallest footprint in achieving egress code compliance. They're also the most energy efficient. Thermo-Tech is a local company and they design their windows with our extreme climate in mind. The cardinal glass package used contains low-e and argon gas, and is highly efficient.
    • If you prefer a different window style, material, or manufacturer, we will happily install a window that meets your needs. We routinely install windows by Marvin, Andersen, Simonton, and others. If security is a concern to you, we can install "burglar glass" that is nearly indestructible! It is similar to the glass used in hurricane zones to block flying debris.
    • After the window is securely in place, we install exterior flashing and caulking and the final exterior cedar trim.
    • You may select from a number of different types of window wells. Our typical installation includes a steel egress well manufactured locally by St. Paul Corrugated. We've also got the "stone well" and "white well" upgrades if you don't want the industrial metal look. We can also make a custom timber well using treated lumber that is guaranteed to last 50 years. Timber wells include options for planter steps and other aesthetic enhancements. Finally, we can install a number of beautiful stone retaining walls. What you will notfind among our offerings are molded plastic and vinyl window wells. They are cheaply made and do not withstand Minnesota's freeze and thaw cycles.
    • After the well of your choice is in place, we install the egress well escape ladder and pea gravel. The pea gravel is attractive and helps prevent rain water from splashing back against the window.
    • Finally, the exterior of the well is back-filled with dirt and "rough" landscape. Your egress window has been installed!
    • We can install most egress windows in just one day!
    • We pull a permit for each and every job for your protection.
    • All of our installations carry a lifetime warranty. Our windows come with a limited lifetime warranty.
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